Wholistic Feminism

Do you feel that being a woman these days comes with unrealistic expectations and a side of shame for not doing or being enough?

You are not alone. If…

  • You feel overwhelmed by life
  • Your mind | body | spirit seems to be at war with one another
  • Your health is taking a backseat to all the things on your to-do-list
  • Your relationships are strained to the max
  • You struggle to overcome guilt, shame, and/or fear

In Wholistic Feminism, you will see how the American women’s movement has defined success in a way that keeps us striving, yet never fully arriving. You will learn to see female contributions in a new light and realize that you are not inadequate. You and your female body were never the problem! Author Leah A. Jacobson will help you find common ground and connection with other women so that you can celebrate sisterhood with other women, not competition. In accepting and loving your feminine gifts, you will discover how worthy you are of blazing your own trail and you will be empowered to create a life of meaningful contribution. It is time for the women’s movement to be whole.


Meet the Author

Leah Jacobson

Leah A. Jacobson MA, IBCLC is the founder of The Guiding Star Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization. She is a former campus minister, turned International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant who has worked with thousands of young people and mothers since 2000. Amidst growing her family and welcoming seven children, she received her Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness and has spoken internationally on issues pertaining to women’s healthcare.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. What are some of the biggest problems you have encountered in your work that inspired you to write Wholistic Feminism?

  2. How do you see this book filling a need today particularly in our Church?

  3. Is this a book that appeals to all women regardless of faith background?

  4. How does this book fit into the greater movement you have started with the Guiding Star Project?

  5. What can the men in our audience learn from a book like this?

  6. How can someone order a copy of Wholistic Feminism or preview Chapter 1?

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