Have you ever been confused or frustrated by your body?
Have you had questions about the changes and symptoms around your menstrual cycle without getting answers from your doctor? 

You are not alone if you have…

  • experienced uncomfortable symptoms related to your menstrual cycle
  • been told birth control pills are the only answer
  • been frustrated by birth control side effects, but know no other options
  • never been told how your body works naturally
  • desired to take a more positive and natural approach to your body and health

It is time to learn what you may have never been told: 

your body is good.

In The Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole, Teresa Kenney walks you through the basic knowledge of your female body—everything you never knew. This knowledge should be part of every high school health class, yet often even medical students are not taught this. Her simple and straightforward answers will leave you asking what Teresa hears daily from her patients: “Why did no one tell me this sooner?” You’ll be inspired by stories of real women who were empowered to live the lives they wanted by working in cooperation with their bodies. With Teresa’s fresh and inspiring approach you will be empowered to get real solutions to health issues and make the best decisions for your body. With the knowledge in this book, you can be whole and healthy.